More Petronas exec jobs for Sarawakians

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PETALING JAYA: Sarawakians are to fill 95 per cent of non-executive positions in Petronas activities in the state by 2020, Chief Minister Adenan Satem said today.

Sarawakians will also fill 75 per cent of executive positions, and 60 per cent of managerial and management positions by that time.

Adenan said the state government would now consider lifting a freeze on work permits and review all 586 positions for which work permits are sought, to ensure that Sarawakians are given priority in filling the posts.

The state has been at loggerheads with Petronas over the number of Sarawakians employed by Petronas, and froze the issuing of work permits, which are required by Malaysians from outside Sarawak as well as foreign nationals.

Adenan said an agreement had been reached with the Federal Government and Petronas, after a meeting in Putrajaya on Friday with the Prime Minister, Najib Razak, and Petronas chief executive Wan Zulkiflee Wan Ariffin.

In a posting on his Facebook account, Adenan said a Sarawakian would be appointed to the Petronas board of directors, with the State Secretary representing the state.

Sarawakians would be appointed to fill 192 posts now vacant in Petronas, and the national oil company would consult the state government if no suitable Sarawakian was available.

Petronas would also provide up to 50 places for Sarawakians to undergraduate studies at University Technology Petronas, intensify technical training for Sarawakians and enroll more Sarawakians at its training centres.

He said Petronas was committed to support two petrochemical industries now under final negotiation, and would also support other petrochemical and downstream industries after completion of a joint study by the state and the company.

He said Petronas currently employed 3,889 Sarawakians and 1,310 non-Sarawakians in the state, while 1,000 Sarawakians were employed outside Sarawak.