Najib: NSC Act for national security, not personal design


KUALA LUMPUR: Prime Minister Najib Razak today stressed that the National Security Council (NSC) Act 2016 which came into effect recently was for the security of the country and not for personal ends.

“I had emphasised that the decision I took when introducing the NSC Act 2016 was for the security of the country,” he said in his latest posting on Facebook and Twitter today.

Najib said he also highlighted the matter when opening the Cameron Highlands Umno division delegates’ meeting this morning.

The NSC Act 2016, Najib said, was to protect the nation from threats and not as alleged by some parties to be purportedly implemented for his own interest.

“Some accused me of wanting to use the power and Act for personal interest.

“But the people should remember that each decision made by the government has never been for personal intent.

“What is important is to protect the people as well as the sovereignty of the country from any threats,” he added.

The NSC bill which provides for the establishment of the NSC, declaration of safe areas, special powers of security forces in the area and other related matters, was passed by Parliament on Dec 3, 2015 and the Senate on Dec 22, 2015.

It was later gazetted on June 7 and came into force on Aug 1.