Kok: Isma president must say sorry to Chinese community

Abdullah Zaik Abd RahmanPETALING JAYA: Teresa Kok has demanded Isma President Abdullah Zaik Abd Rahman apologise to the Chinese community after he was found guilty today of publishing a seditious article.

“He (Abdullah Zaik) should apologise to the Chinese community for his offensive, baseless and unacceptable comments.

“His seditious comments were most unnecessary and provocative,” the DAP lawmaker said.

The Seputeh MP pointed out that the ethnic Chinese community came to Malaya many generations ago to work and added “they helped build Malaysia and contributed tremendously to the nation”.

“Abdullah Zaik was lucky that he wasn’t sentenced to jail after being charged for sedition by the court.”

Her fellow DAP colleague, Lim Lip Eng, echoed similar sentiments and urged Abdullah to apologise to all Malaysians.

“If he (Abdullah Zaik) is a religious and responsible man, he should apologise to the Malaysian people in general and advise others not to believe and repeat the same statement.”

The Isma president was found guilty of sedition by the Kajang Sessions Court today of publishing an article titled “Kedatangan pendatang Cina bersama penjajah British satu bentuk pencerobohan” (“The arrival of the Chinese with the British colonialists a form of intrusion”) on May 6, 2014.

Abdullah Zaik was ordered by the Sessions Court to pay a RM2,000 fine, or serve two years in prison if he failed to do so.

Meanwhile, Bukit Bendera MP Zairil Khir Johari said that the idea that the Chinese came with the British was a fallacy.

“The Malay rulers had earlier brought Chinese labourers in to work in the mining sector. In other words, Malay-Sino ties had been established a long time ago.”

The Sessions Court ruling proved that Isma’s narrative to the country’s national identity was flawed and divisive, he said.

“It doesn’t matter what circumstances led to our ancestors choosing Malaysia as their home. What matters is that we as Malaysians now have a shared identity.

“Whatever narrative must be a common one that is inclusive of all Malaysians.”

However, some netizens opined that Abdullah Zaik should have been sent to prison instead. Daniel Liew said “just lock up this guy and throw away the key. Problem solved”.

Another netizen, Kongmeng Che, commented: “Just lock this mad man in a single cell. Malaysia has to move forward.”

Vince Mun commented “lock-up straight away”, while another netizen, Othman Hitam, commented on Facebook: “Hopefully this will be a lesson for him and the others.”