Sg Besar Umno chief to give RM1,000 to 600 division delegates

DubaiSUNGAI BESAR: To protect the feelings of those who couldn’t join his sponsored trip to Dubai, Sungai Besar Umno Division Chief Jamal Md Yunos decided to cancel the trip completely.

However, all those present at the division meeting today, estimated to be more than 600, will receive a total of RM1,000 each.

“Five months ago, I promised the (Sungai Besar) division leaders and committee members that I will take them for a holiday in Dubai before the next general election.

“However, out of the 115 leaders in the division, only 81 wanted to join. The rest said they can’t.

“So, today, I want to announce that the Dubai trip is cancelled as I don’t want anyone (who can’t go) to be upset.

“Instead, I will give RM1,000 to the delegates here today. RM500 I will pay today, another RM500 I will give next year,” said Jamal at the Sungai Besar Umno division meeting here today.

His unexpected announcement was celebrated by the delegates as they roared and cheered at the promise of cash.

Also in attendance were Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, Umno Informational Technology Unit Head Ahmad Maslan, Deputy Home Minister Nur Jazlan Mohamed, Selangor Umno Chief Noh Omar and recently elected Sungai Besar lawmaker Budiman Mohd Zohdi, among others.

Speaking further, Jamal called for unity among all Umno members to ensure glory for the party come 2018, when the next general election is expected to take place.

He said disunity would only result in a poor performance as was seen in the last General Election.

Without naming anyone in particular, Jamal said Umno members have to remain united even with the “interruption” from past leaders whose strength and ability to lead the party for 22 years came from the grassroots themselves.