Is Umno’s Nazri courting DAP, asks MCA’s Ti

nazri-ti-lian-kerPETALING JAYA: Nazri Aziz needs to remember Barisan Nasional’s (BN) component parties’ contributions, says MCA spokesman Ti Lian Ker.

Ti said Nazri was “just being his usual arrogant self” in criticising the MCA, MIC and Gerakan by saying they would never be as dominant as Umno, being unable to choose local winnable candidates to contest general elections.

Nazri, an Umno supreme council member and MP for Padang Rengas, “has been both an asset and a liability to BN. He’s not perfect and is now overreacting”, Ti said.

“He can display his arrogance because he is still a minister (for tourism) as a result of the strong foundation (built by) all of BN’s component parties. BN’s achievements are a result of the efforts of all component parties whereby Umno is at the helm today.”

Ti said this in responding to Nazri’s remarks in a report by Malaysiakini, in which the Supreme Council member had said he would rather Umno be a ‘jaguh kampung’ (village hero) than become like MCA with only a few Parliament seats.

Nazri meanwhile had said that in responding to an earlier statement by Ti asking Umno to abandon ‘jaguh kampung’ politics.

Ti dismissed Nazri’s rebuttal, saying that the comments was also applicable to Nazri himself. “Is he prepared to stand without the BN logo? Can he be a Minister if there’s no Barisan Nasional? Will he jump ship like Anwar or Mahathir by forming or joining a new party to challenge BN if he’s not a Minister?” Ti asked.

“As the Captain of the ship, you do not disregard the efforts of the crew or display your pompous self with no shame or humility.

“Fortunately Nazri will just be what he is: a good assistant to the captain. A captain will never forget his people when the ship sails as a result of everybody’s efforts. He will remember the importance of teamwork and be mindful of the welfare of his crew.”

Ti said Nazri could choose to join DAP “which he’s seen to be more comfortable with”. He said Nazri’s heart seems to be more with DAP and Lim Guan Eng of late. He has kinder words for DAP and at times I wonder whether he is courting DAP.”