Leave if Umno not your cup of tea, says Annuar Musa

TEMERLOH: “Thank you for leaving Umno because we too don’t want wolves in sheep’s clothing because these kind of people will only become a thorn in one’s flesh.”

This was the reaction by Umno Information chief Annuar Musa when asked to comment on Gelang Patah Umno permanent chairman Baharom Abdul Ghani and Kulai Umno deputy division chief Tosrin Jarvanti, who quit Umno yesterday.

He said such actions would not affect Umno but instead strengthen the party as it would have been rid of disloyal members.

“There are people asking whether Umno is panicking because of those leaving the party, I say no. In fact, we thank them because we want more people who find that Umno is not their cup of tea, to leave.

“But we will never ever push the panic button because when one leaves, 30 new people join in…we have been talking about them leaving (the party) for the past one month whereas tens of thousands of others have registered to join Umno,” he said.

He said this to reporters after opening the Temerloh Umno division delegates’ meeting here today. Also present was division chief Mohd Sharkar Shamsudin.

Yesterday, the two Umno veterans announced their departure while attending the Umno delegates’ meeting at their respective divisions.

Meanwhile, Annuar also said all Umno members must have a “winning mentality” to help them from becoming weak or feeling “trapped” when faced with issues raised by their political enemies.

“This is needed as those out there have been coming up with strategies to make Umno weak by raising doubts on half truths.

“If Umno members do not have such perseverance in dealing with these attacks, most likely many of us will feel weak and stressed out,” he said.