Police permit for public donation drives?

ayob-khanKUALA LUMPUR: A counter-terrorism officer has sounded a warning about the mushrooming of unauthorised groups making donation drives lately, saying they could be linked to the Islamic State (IS) militant network.

Ayob Khan Mydin Pitchay, of the counter-terrorism division at Special Branch, said the funds gathered could be used to spread their IS ideologies and propaganda, apart from financing IS activities in Syria.

“There is a possibility that the funds they (unknown NGO) collected could be channelled there (Syria) and they need to be scrutinised as there were several such cases since.

“Those who want to collect donations for humanitarian purposes need to be registered and recognised before any donation collection can begin,” he told Bernama.

The president of Ahli Sunnah Wal Jamaah Malaysia (Aswaja), Dr Zamihan Mat Zin, concurred with Ayob Khan.

He proposed that NGOs be required to have a police permit to collect donation. “After obtaining a permit from police, they need to declare the funds collected to the police. Currently, anybody can start collecting donation without their background being known,” he said.

Meanwhile, Institute of Islamic Strategic Studies Malaysia senior fellow Engku Ahmad Fadzil Engku Ali suggested that the government set up an official account such as Bank Negara for such NGOs to channel their funds.

“The official account would function as the official channel for humanitarian causes.

“This is to prevent unregistered or unknown NGOs from taking advantage by abusing the collected funds for militant activities,” he said.