Nazri: I’m close to DAP, because Chinese rejected MCA


PETALING JAYA: The feud between Umno Supreme Council member Mohamed Nazri Abdul Aziz and MCA Central Committee member Ti Lian Ker went up a notch today with the former admitting he is closer to DAP than MCA, Malaysiakini reported.

The Tourism and Culture Minister said he is willing to have closer ties with DAP Secretary-General Lim Guan Eng because DAP has got the support of the Chinese community in the country.

“I am good with Lim Guan Eng because I respect democracy as the Chinese community chose Lim Guan Eng and DAP.

“So I have to respect democracy and respect them (DAP). Why would I want to respect Ti when the people reject him?

“I am confident even if he were to contest in the general election, the rakyat will also reject him because the Chinese people truly hate people like him,” Nazri was quoted as saying by the news portal.

Nazri was responding today to Ti who said in a report yesterday that the former had kinder words for DAP and “at times I wonder whether he is courting DAP”, when it was all Barisan Nasional parties who had got him elected.

Ti had also claimed that Nazri was “being his usual arrogant self”, criticising MCA, MIC and Gerakan for saying the three parties would never be as dominant as Umno, being unable to choose local winnable candidates to contest in general elections.

Nazri also slammed Ti for challenging him to stand for the Padang Rengas Parliamentary seat without BN’s help in the next general election.

“Why would he ask me to quit BN? I never complained, it is MCA that likes to complain and claim that Umno made them lose.

“If Umno is really to their detriment, then they (MCA) should quit,” he was quoted as saying.

Captain of the ship

Nazri said he had no problems with the MCA leadership but felt that their relationship had been tarnished by some of its members.

“I know MCA leaders well and have a good working relationship with them.

“But boys like these spoil the relationship. My relationship with the MCA president, vice-presidents are very good and intimate,” Malaysiakini quoted him as saying.

Referring to Ti’s comments about Umno being the captain of the ship (BN), Nazri said sometimes the senior crew needs to discipline their juniors too.

“I am arrogant because the crew member is arrogant. On a ship, we need to teach discipline. That is why I would like to tell him (Ti), don’t be arrogant because you are small.

“I can be arrogant because I am big, so I can teach him,” Nazri said, according to Malaysiakini.

Nazri accused the MCA Religious Harmony Bureau chairman of trying to get in the good books of MCA President Liow Tiong Lai in order to return as a candidate in the next general election after having been dropped by former party boss Chua Soi Lek in 2013.

“I got to know he was dropped from contesting in Kuantan the last time because (then MCA president) Chua Soi Lek got rid of him.

“He was an executive councillor and Chua Soi Lek discarded him. Even his own party did not want him.

“He is good with (current MCA president) Liow Tiong Lai so he wants to be a candidate (in the next general election) but my advice is if you let him contest in Kuantan, MCA will lose,” Nazri told Malaysiakini.

The feud is believed to have started after Ti’s comment that Umno was stoking fear between the different ethnic groups in the country, by taking on a strategy of race and religion in order to gain the support of Malays in the rural areas, thus affecting MCA, MIC and Gerakan’s support in urban areas.