Prasarana says safety of commuters its top priority


KUALA LUMPUR: Prasarana Malaysia said its standard operating procedures during crises are proper, according to a report in the Malay Mail Online.

Prasarana said this following criticism that it took too long to evacuate its trains that lost power,

Prasarana group communications and strategic marketing head Lim Jin Aun said the LRT owner’s first priority was always the safety of its users and that it would never jeopardise their welfare at any time.

“The wait in the train might be uncomfortable while awaiting rescue or evacuation but we would never place our commuters in a dangerous position if the situation is not right,” Lim told Malay Mail Online.

He was responding to criticism by Internet users that RapidKL had delayed the evacuation of its trains last week, after a power outage disrupted service on the Kelana Jaya LRT line during the morning rush hour, forcing some riders to walk along the tracks.

Hundreds of commuters had found themselves stranded on the trains.

“In this case, when there was no power traction, the trains’ recovery time was deemed relatively long. So when there is no power to the trains there is no ventilation and when that happens, understandably people will feel uncomfortable, might panic and feel upset. Reactions vary.

“But then again, we need to ensure that the line is safe before we can evacuate the people and that’s why some evacuation takes longer. It is not poor standard operating procudure as accused. We were only taking the necessary precaution for everyone’s safety,” Lim added.