140 Muslim children born out of wedlock each day


PETALING JAYA: An average of 140 children were born out of wedlock each day to Muslim mothers last year.

According to a Berita Harian report today, National Registration Department statistics show that a total of 159,725 children were born out of wedlock to Muslim mothers since 2013.

Of this number, 53,492 were born in 2013, 54,614 in 2014 and 51,169 in 2015.

There is no data on children born out of wedlock to non-Muslim mothers.

In the report, Ikatan Muslimin Malaysia (Isma) Women’s Chief Dr Norsaleha Mohd Salleh voiced concern over the high number of cases and called for urgent action from the relevant authorities.

She said the problem stemmed from shallow religious education and morals, and added that all religions rejected premarital sex.

Norsaleha said the role of parents was also critical in ensuring a younger generation with positive morals and minds.

She said that parents should spend as much time as they could with their children to ensure they did not feel ignored and seek happiness outside the home.

She proposed that the Education Ministry increase the amount of time for Islamic Education and Moral Studies at all levels of schools.

Norsaleha also lent her support to the National Parent Teacher Association’s proposal to strike a balance in the male sexual and reproductive health education that is set to be implemented.

“Sexual relationship is between a man and a woman. There needs to be a clear balance by teaching teenagers of both genders so that they don’t get caught up in premarital sex,” she said.