Faulty stretcher causes further trauma on accident victim

ambulancePETALING JAYA: The alleged negligence of ambulance staff and a faulty wheeled stretcher may have contributed to the death of a man who was involved in an accident last month, The Malay Mail reported.

Yu Yew Kuan, 62, had suffered a concussion and fractures to his arm and leg after the bike he was riding collided with another motorcycle, in the accident which occurred on August 6, in Jelebu, Negri Sembilan.

By the time passersby came to help him, it was already 15 minutes that he had been lying on the road in the afternoon sun, after the accident.

According to the passersby, the ambulance from Hospital Jelebu came a good 20 minutes after it was called.

Just before the ambulance staff were about to place Yu onto the wheeled stretcher, a pair of the wheels buckled inwards causing one side of the stretcher to drop to the ground.

According to the daily, the staff placed Yu onto a hand-carried stretcher, but still put him back onto the wheeled stretcher after adjusting the pair of wheels which came loose earlier.

The passersby who had helped call the ambulance and stayed by him also followed the ambulance.

It was at the hospital grounds that more injuries were sustained by Yu when the same pair of wheels buckled again immediately after the wheeled stretcher was brought out of the ambulance.

As a result, Yu was flung on to the ground, face forward and suffered head and facial injuries, causing him to bleed profusely, his daughter May Yu told The Malay Mail.

According to May, when the wheels first retracted at the accident scene, the ambulance crew was quick to fix it.

“When the wheels buckled again at the hospital, my father was hurled onto the ground because he was not properly strapped in.

“My father’s head was bleeding heavily. Even after that, the hospital staff refused to take any responsibility,” The Malay Mail quoted her as saying.

Eventually, the senior citizen was brought into the Emergency and Trauma unit of the hospital but had to be transferred to the Seremban Hospital several hours later.

“I was told the transfer was necessary as his condition had worsened,” May told the Malay Mail, adding that it was a 35km journey from Jelebu to Seremban.

Sadly, however, her father never recovered and died at about 11.50pm the same day.

May said she was still contemplating her next course of action as the family were still in mourning over the loss.