Love’s the answer to some mental problems


PETALING JAYA: Cases of mental disease can be reduced if those who are susceptible are shown more love by the people around them, according to Malaysian Medical Association President John Chew.

He said parents and teachers, for example, should rise above the pressures of modern life to be more caring towards those with mental health problems, in whatever form these problems came.

“Victims of depression, for example, are often socially isolated as a result of factors such as urbanisation, rural-to-urban migration, job insecurities and family breakdowns,” he said.

Indeed, he added, Malaysian society as whole needed to be more loving and caring and be especially sensitive to those with mental health problems who would not speak about the issues they faced.

Chew was commenting on a Bernama report on a rise in mental health problems among Malaysian students. Quoting Health Ministry statistics, the report said the number of those afflicted had risen from one in 10 individuals in 2011 to one in five in 2016.

According to Bernama, experts cite anxiety and depression as the main causes of mental health problems among students. They acknowledged that some cases could be due to the influence of drugs.

One expert said that being in a prolonged state of mental disorder could make students become withdrawn, suffer from schizophrenia and develop the inclination to commit suicide.

He said the tendency to take one’s own life could increase if the problem was not addressed within two years.