Man grooms girl for 4 years to have sex with him


PETALING JAYA: For the past four years, a teenage girl was terrorised by a man she met online who coaxed her to send nude photos of herself and eventually had sex with her.

Blackmailing her that he would upload the nude photos, he also asked her to film her mother and elder sister in the nude while they were using the bathroom.

Her predicament came to light when the man uploaded naked pictures of her online despite her following all his directives.

She confessed to her family and told them she had wanted to kill herself many times because of the torment she was undergoing.

Star Online today said Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Wee Ka Siong’s special assistant, Quek Tai Seong, took the girl, identified only as Xiaoyu to lodge a police report.

Quek said MCA Youth would provide legal assistance and arrange counselling for Xiaoyu.

Quek believes others may have fallen victim to the man known only as Ho and asked them to come forward to help identify him.

The news report said Ho, had groomed the girl since she was just 12, to obey him.

They started chatting online, including through Instant Messenger, four years ago.

The girl claimed that Ho came to Kuantan in November 2014 and took her to a hotel where he forced himself on her.

The daily said Ho would frequently turn up after that to have sex by blackmailing her with the photos.

The 16-year-old last had sex with him on June 18 and 19.