MAS’ MH187 Mumbai passengers made to wait 19 hours

PETALING JAYA: Malaysia Airlines (MAS) has been accused of poor management while handling its 19-hour delayed Mumbai-Kuala Lumpur flight last Thursday.

A frustrated passenger of flight MH187, Josh Awang, claimed that he along with other passengers were made to wait without any information provided or apology offered.

They were supposed to depart at 2am but notice of the delay was not given until the ground crew were confronted by the passengers.

“By 2.30am, after I pressured the airport staff for answers, and others started to corner the airport staff for answers, they revealed that the new departure time was going to be 5am,” he wrote in a Facebook post.

“And a little while later, they revised it to 6am. (Then) it was revised to 10am. But then they said they were not sure.”

The official electronic notice was made afterwards, notifying them that the flight was pushed further, to 5pm.

At this point, the passengers were informed that hotel rooms would be provided for them.

Unfortunately, no airport or MAS staff were on hand to assist them with the transportation, subjecting the group to another four-hour wait just to get to the hotel located 1.6km away.

“Even while waiting to get our taxi ride, there was no organisation or airport staff or MAS staff to assist. So, everyone had to fight to get their ride.”

Josh also claimed the airline had placed the passengers into twin-sharing rooms, with strangers left with no option but to stay together.

He then questioned the fate of a Muslim girl travelling alone, and if she, too, was made to share a room with a male traveller.

“And up till now, no information is given as to what time is the next possible flight time. No notice on what time to check out … no information whatsoever.
“Everyone has to go up to the hotel staff to check for themselves!”

The flight finally took off at 9pm.

FMT is still attempting to get hold of MAS for a response.