Change doesn’t come quickly, says Maria Chin.

maria chin bersih5PETALING JAYA: Bersih 5 is all set to be held on Nov 19 but questions arise as to the public’s level of excitement about yet another rally.

Bersih 2.0 Chairman Maria Chin Abdullah, however, is not worried.

She is full of hope that the nationwide convoy the committee plans to embark on next month will be able to excite all Malaysians, including those from rural areas.

“I think the convoy will make them understand why we need to continue fighting. Change doesn’t come quickly,” she told a press conference here today.

“So we can have four, five, or even up to 10 rallies but the struggle must go on.

“There are obstacles, definitely, but if we stand and do this together, we will be able to break through these obstacles.”

However, some members of the public, especially the youth, appear to have grown tired of rallies. They feel this is no longer an effective method of bringing about reforms, what more a change of regime.

FMT spoke to several people on the streets, and found that some have grown tired of what they call “a futile effort”.

Engineer Tan Chin Hong, 33, and Ananda Sharma, 30, believe in the concept behind street demonstrations, which they say is to fight for the country’s future.

Both, however, do not think the public is very interested in rallies anymore.

“We are kind of tired. We get involved, we fight, but (at the end of the day) we don’t see any result. The same things are still going on,” said Sharma.

Fatin Amira, a 24-year-old quantity surveyor agreed, saying that rallies were just a waste of time, although, as Malaysians, the public should be granted the right to demonstrate.

Law student Lai Yin Yan, 19, said while demonstrations might have worked years ago, it was no longer the case at present.

“Demonstrating alone doesn’t help anything. You must be inside the system to make a change. So we have to work hard, and through education (this can be achieved).”

Felix, 24, on the other hand, said public demonstrations were still very important as they might be the only way to properly educate the youth on what was taking place in the country.

He believes in any cause that promotes good, fair, and clean governance.

“The only thing I do not agree with is racially-motivated rallies. The ones which are asking for a better country for the future generations, I fully support.

“And yes, they may not bring immediate results, but knowledge is a powerful tool and it is important for the voters to be equipped with this,” Felix said.

Chin today confirmed that the fifth Bersih rally aims to press for action over the 1MDB case after the US Government filed a lawsuit to seize assets allegedly linked to the state investment firm.

Last year’s Bersih 4 was attended by tens of thousands who flooded the streets of Kuala Lumpur demanding for institutional reforms and Prime Minister Najib Razak’s resignation.