KL is 19th wealthiest city in the world


PETALING JAYA: Malaysia Boleh! Kuala Lumpur has emerged in a “Top Cities” report on all the cities in the world in order of wealth and economic sustainability.

Bustling KL city is listed as No. 19 on the list.

Singapore, London and Hong Kong, hold the top three spots in the survey, the Independent of London reported.

“The Asian city (Kuala Lumpur) is one of the world’s key hubs for Islamic finance and has one of the fastest growing economies in the world,” the report stated.

The report on the most sustainable cities in the world was released by global design and consultancy firm Arcadis.

It examines a city’s performance from a business perspective, combining measures that are indicators of economic health.

These indicators include transport infrastructure (rail, air and traffic congestion); ease of doing business; tourism; GDP per capita; the city’s importance in global economic networks; connectivity in terms of mobile and broadband access; and employment rates.

The report states that cities considered major global financial centres ranked highly as they tend to be most prosperous and have a highly-developed living infrastructure.

“The more business is done in these key cities, the more money that flows through that area.”

Here is the full Top 19 list: 1 Singapore, 2 London, 3 Hong Kong, 4 Dubai, 5 Zurich, 6 Edinburgh (UK), 7 Prague, 8 New York, 9 Paris, 10 Stockholm, 11 Munich, 12 San Francisco, 13 Abu Dhabi, 14 Vienna, 15 Macau, 16 Amsterdam, 17 Copenhagen, 18 Seoul, and 19 Kuala Lumpur.

Despite Singapore holding the top position, the report notes: “The island nation is the wealthiest city in the world but Arcadis warns that it “also faces an ageing population and a need for greater investment in social infrastructure.”

It also notes that Seoul has the lowest levels of income inequality or crime in the world.

For Hong Kong, Arcadis notes that the city has “world-class infrastructure, vibrant economy, and a well-educated talent pool”, which makes it an amazing place to do business at ease.