Motley meets Anwar, thanks Zahid for allowing meeting

motleySUNGAI BULOH: Human rights lawyer Kimberley Motley has finally met her client, Anwar Ibrahim, and thanked Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi for allowing her to see the jailed Opposition leader.

Yesterday, it was reported that United States-based Motley was denied permission to meet Anwar after she was officially appointed by Anwar on Sept 7 to represent the PKR leader on a pro bono basis.

Speaking to reporters outside the Sungai Buloh Prison where Anwar is serving a five-year sentence for sodomy, Motley said Anwar was doing well for someone who has been wrongly convicted and he maintains his innocence.

“I want to really thank the home minister for allowing me to see Anwar and I want to thank the guards who were very gracious and very kind in helping to facilitate the visit,” she said, adding she would like to meet Zahid.

In fact, Motley said, she was open to meeting anyone who had information on the case as she felt strongly about Anwar’s innocence.

She said Anwar had given her instructions in relation to her representation of him, but declined to divulge details, citing attorney-client privilege.

She added that she would now start preparing for the various court hearings, particularly the court hearing on Oct 12.

“We want everyone to know that as far as Anwar’s legal team goes, we have nothing to hide. We stand by the truth, which shows he is innocent.

“So, we invite anyone who has an interest in truth and justice to show up at the court hearing on Oct 12.”

Motley also revealed that she would not be leading Anwar’s legal team, and would contribute by bringing in a fresh perspective in terms of legal strategy.

“Anwar’s legal team has been exceptional, to be honest. They’ve done a really great job, but I think sometimes it’s helpful to have someone come from the outside to look in and say, hey have you done this?”

When asked on the condition of Anwar’s cell, Motley said she did not see it as they met in the attorney-client room, and instead urged the media to try and see him and ask him.

Motley, who arrived at the prison about 2pm, met Anwar for just under an hour.

Star Online reported that Motley’s Malaysian counterpart had submitted a letter to the Sungai Buloh prison, dated Sept 10, informing the authorities there of the planned meeting but she was refused a meeting with Anwar yesterday.

Motley, 41, is most noted for being the first non-Afghan attorney to litigate in Afghanistan since 2008. She has been a practising attorney since 2003.

The news portal said Motley was crowned Mrs Wisconsin-America in 2004.