Rapist offers to marry victim


PETALING JAYA: The family of a 20-year-old food court worker is in a predicament.

The woman met a 52-year-old vegetable supplier at work and became friends with him.

After getting to know her, the man brought her to his house in Kepong and forced himself on her in June, despite her best efforts to ward him off.

The woman refused to lodge a rape report against the man, stating that she took pity on him as he has several wives and children.

The man also offered to marry his rape victim and the woman is willing to be his wife.

The family is against the relationship and the woman’s father lodged a police report against the rapist on July 7.

However, police are unable to file a case as the woman is above legal age and refuses to lodge a police report against the rapist.

The frustrated family approached Gerakan Public Complaints Chairman Wilson Lau Hoi Keong for help, Star Online reported today.

“First rape then marriage? He sweet talked her into considering marriage with him. We are against it!

“The age gap is also too big. If they get married, is he going to call me father?” the father told reporters today, the report said.

The woman has tried to run away from home to get married.