Sudden water sprout inside ferry explained


GEORGE TOWN: Motorists were taken aback when water suddenly sprouted from a hole in a ferry this morning.

A picture depicting the water flow from the main deck was shared on a Facebook page, with netizens questioning the unusual incident.

It was however uncertain at precisely what time the incident occurred.

Penang Port Sdn Bhd said there was nothing unusual about the water sprout as it was part of standard operating procedures.

“The crew will check the water level when the ferry docks at the terminal and if the water level is low, they will refill with fresh water.

“They will open a hole while replenishing the water and when it has reached its level, the water will sprout out of the hole, indicating it is full. The hole will be closed after that,” it said.

The water which is being replenished is for use in the engine room and restrooms, among others, while the ferry crosses the sea.