Temple clinic attracts all races

How Joon Woi

KUALA LUMPUR: Step into the Wong Loo Sen See Chee Choong Temple in Cheras and one might be amazed at the number of Malaysians of different races and religions, patiently waiting to see the “doctor.”

It would be an odd scene, save for the fact that there is a voluntary clinic inside the temple offering Chinese traditional medicine, including acupuncture and herbal medicine.

“We have provided this medical service for 18 years,” The Star quoted temple president How Joon Woi, a Chinese sinseh as saying.

According to the English daily, the clinic – which is located near the Maluri LRT station – treats an average of 30 patients every day, although the RM5 fee could be a factor that attracts many to the site.

How revealed that the clinic had only begun charging patients last year.

“After the prices of most medical items went up, we decided to charge a nominal fee,” he said.

The clinic operates from 10am to noon and from 1pm to 3pm.