Apologise or face possible legal action, TTAM tells DAP’s Nga

KUALA LUMPUR: The Table Tennis Association of Malaysia (TTAM) today took DAP MP Nga Kor Ming to task for his “misleading” statement on vanity car number plates linked to it.

TTAM Vice-President Han Kee Juan said Nga’s claim that the “Perfect” car plates were sold by a direct sales company was inaccurate.

“Nga stated that the Road Transport Department had abused its powers by issuing vanity car plates to political cliques or cronies in return for huge profits to the companies concerned, and specifically mentioned that nowadays, even direct sales companies are allowed to sell ‘Perfect’ car plates.

“TTAM wants to clarify that the ownership of ‘Perfect’ car plates belongs to us and it is not related to any direct sales company. Also, the association has never authorised any direct sales companies to sell the said car plates,” Han told a press conference.

He added that the sales of the vanity number plates were consented to by the RTD, to assist the association with its fundraising efforts.

“Anyone who wishes to own such car plates would have to donate directly to the TTAM.”

Nga had earlier this month claimed that the ‘Perfect’ vanity plates were sold by a direct sales company, based on the word’s link with a China-registered firm, Perfect Co Ltd.

According to Han, TTAM president Koo Yuen Kim, who is also the chairman of Perfect Co Ltd, had donated RM5 million to the association through his company, to help them host this year’s World Team Table Tennis Championship earlier this year.

“Hosting the championship involved a very large budget, especially as we had to change from the original intended venue at Bukit Jalil to the Malawati Stadium in Shah Alam.

“The International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) was not able to find a title sponsor but TTAM president Koo stepped in and signed an agreement with the ITTF to confirm Perfect Co Ltd as the title sponsor. The championship was therefore, named as Perfect 2016 World Team Table Tennis Championships,” Han said.

To date, around 80 of the said car plates have been sold, raising about RM5 million for TTAM.

Han said the association would always ensure transparency in its book-keeping, but would not be able to disclose the amount paid for each car plate, for privacy purposes.

“The financial records and accounts of the TTAM are clear and transparent. Other than being audited annually by chartered accountants, we are also audited by the Sports Commissioner every year.

“Nga’s irresponsible and false statements have tarnished the good name of the association and put immense pressure on those who assisted TTAM,” said Han.

He then gave Nga a week to issue an unconditional public apology, for issuing “false and misleading” statements, failing which they would contemplate initiating legal action.

Nga when contacted, said he had, as an MP, raised the matter of “public interest”. He however, denied referring to any parties by name.

“As such, their demand for me to apologise has no basis.

“(But what is) more important is for the transport ministry to come clean in this matter and explain to the public why certain parties or companies are allowed to sell special car plates without open tenders,” said the Taiping MP.