Cops record statement of ‘forgetful’ father


PETALING JAYA: Police have recorded the statement of the man who “forgetfully” left his one-year-old child in his car for five hours in Kulai, Johor, on Tuesday, resulting in her death.

The Malay Mail reported that the man, in his 40s, is out on police bail, as the cops seek witnesses to corroborate his story.

The report quoted Johor CID chief Kamarul Zaman Mamat as saying a post-mortem had been carried out on the victim, and that they were awaiting the chemist’s report.

According to reports, the father had forgotten to drop off his only daughter at the babysitter’s house not far from their house and had driven straight to work with her about 10am. He was reportedly in a rush and had forgotten that the child was seated on the back seat of his Mercedez Benz.

This caused the child to be locked in the baking heat of the car – in temperatures ranging between 37-38 degrees Celcius for five hours – before the father finally checked in on her at 3pm after the babysitter had called him to ask why he had not sent the child for the day.

The child was still alive, albeit in a weak state when she was found, but was pronounced dead upon arrival at the Kulai Hospital.

Police are currently probing the case for negligence and are calling for witnesses who may have seen him leaving the car, to see if the father’s “forgetful” excuse has any basis.