Don’t demand too much, job seekers told

PETALING JAYA: The Malaysian Employers Federation (MEF) has advised job seekers to be reasonable with their wage expectations in these tough times.

Speaking to FMT, MEF Executive Director Shamsuddin Bardan said companies were at present more selective than in normal times due to slowing hiring needs and easier availability of candidates.

A recent survey by found that 80.6 per cent of 1,700 respondents were finding it difficult to find employment.

Noting the result of the survey, Shamsuddin said those seeking employment had no choice but to adapt to the tough job market. They should not demand too much in wages and other benefits, he said.

For fresh graduates and the inexperienced, learning opportunities should be more important than pay or benefits, he added.

“You may start off with a low salary, but if you show that you can perform, employers will surely be willing to reward you with better pay and perks.”

Those applying for jobs that don’t suit their qualifications should especially be ready to accept modest remunerations, he added.

He said if job seekers were still unemployed after a few months, they should see which areas they were lacking in and seek to improve themselves in these areas. They should also consider opting for part-time jobs while trying to get full-time employment.

“Don’t be afraid to jump into a part-time job,” he said. “It will enrich your knowledge and experience, and it will be good for your resume as it reflects initiative and resourcefulness.”