Is that a M’sian tycoon picking up trash on the streets?


PETALING JAYA: A chance observation of a group of “mature and elderly Asian gentlemen” walking in a group picking up rubbish along pavements in Bandar Sunway led to the surprise that one of them was none other than Malaysian tycoon Jeffrey Cheah.

Gary Chong, who lists himself as a part-time lecturer and creative director, did the only thing that any normal person would do, take pictures and post them on Facebook.

“Today, I was taking a little evening stroll around Bandar Sunway when I chanced upon a group of mature and elderly looking Asian gentlemen who were walking in a pack and picking up little bits of trash on their way, be it small bits of used tissue paper to little strands of plastic strewn on the pavements and the green landscape around the surrounding buildings,” Chong wrote of his encounter.

He admitted that he immediately assumed the men were Japanese tourists having seen similar behaviour while on holiday in Osaka and Kyoto.

However, as he got closer, he heard the group speaking with a Malaysian accent. That only piqued his curiosity and he wrote: “Could they be Singaporeans? I thought to myself, there is definitely no way they could be Malaysians.”

As his curiousity grew, he then noticed a vaguely familiar face leading the group of men in picking up trash.

“After a quick google image search… it was none other than Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Jeffrey Cheah!

“Respect with a capital ‘R’ to this guy for leading his team who by their age, should be corporate directors and the big guns of the Sunway Group,” Chong wrote on his surprising discovery seeing the Malaysian tycoon who is listed by Forbes as the 18th richest man in Malaysia with a net worth of US$865 million (RM3.6 billion).

Chong said the group slowly worked their way towards the Sunway Pyramid mall, one of the properties under Cheah’s Sunway Group.

“I thought, wow, this is truly an amazing thing to see a billionaire and giant icon across a multitude of industries, doing something so simple and humble, literally without any press coverage, any sort of elaborate entourage of media/CSR presence via wearing corporate uniforms and etc.

“Doing his little bit to take care of the community and infrastructure which he and his group has built over the years…such an inspiration!” he added.

Chong’s excitement was sealed though when he followed the group right up to the Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa entrance and saw Cheah get into a “blazing red Ferrari”, joking that it would have been an even more compelling scene had the tycoon got into a Proton instead.

Chong’s FB post made on Sept 10 is starting to gather steam on social media, more so after China Press picked up on the post and reported it yesterday on its portal.