Malacca ruling on dogs in terraced homes not new


PETALING JAYA: The ban on ownership of dogs in intermediate terrace homes in Malacca began three years ago.

Despite the ruling, the state has been lenient in issuing dog licences.

In fact, this year alone, 3,000 dog licences were issued by the four local authorities in the state, The Star Online reported.

It quoted Malacca Housing, Local Government and Environment Committee Chairman Ismail Othman as saying that licences were issued on a case-by-case basis.

If the neighbours had no objections, the licence was issued. If they objected, then no licence can be given, he said.

“The ruling on dog ownership in terrace houses was due to increasing complaints from residents about vicious dogs and loud barking.”

Ismail told the news portal he was perplexed as to why the issue had suddenly cropped up again.

“Anyway, the Chief Minister (Idris Haron) will hold a meeting with all local councils once he is back from performing the haj.”

News portals today reported that the state government only allowed residents of corner lot houses to keep dogs and that this may have led to owners allowing their pets to become strays.

A group of dog owners have started an online petition to urge the state to allow dogs in terraced homes and said dogs that had a habit of barking loudly could undergo a voice box operation.