Netizens slam guy who threw out pet dog from apartment


PETALING JAYA: A Facebook user has accused her neighbour of throwing his dog out of the window of his apartment.

In a post, Nina Zainal said she heard a thud and upon inspection, saw the black dog lying motionless on the ground.

Attached to her post were pictures of the dog. It was not stated on what floor the man was staying on.

“I went downstairs, reported the matter to the security, reported to the police.

“Then, I went up to the floor above mine. I scolded (the occupant) from outside like a crazy person as I was so angry with what the neighbour did to the animal.”

Nina said although no one responded, she knew the owner was inside the apartment as after the dog was thrown out, she could hear the sound of the windows closing and footsteps above her unit.

She said she slipped a note under the man’s door, informing him of the reports she had lodged with the police as well as the Society For The Prevention of Cruelty To Animals (SPCA).

“I know what you did to the poor dog whom you mercilessly threw out of your balcony.

“For what reason you did that, I don’t want to know because there’s no reason to be that cruel to any living things,” said the note.

Nina’s friends were equally upset, with one Faizel Azraf calling for the dog’s owner to be thrown out instead.

Julie Raja Iskandar said she, too, will report to the SPCA and asked for Nina to provide her with the man’s identity.

Others expressed their sympathy and disappointment over the cruel act.

“Your neighbour is really stupid to do this to his pet. If (he) doesn’t want to take care of it any more, give it to someone who does,” said Facebook user AkuBlowOn.

“Ya Allah, humans nowadays are so cruel,” another netizen by the name of Azie Hassan said.