‘Pekak’ movie caught in controversy


PETALING JAYA: Does local Malay movie, “Pekak”, insult the disabled and is it immoral?

The movie opened in cinemas on Sept 1 and won Best Script and Best Actor (Zahiril Adzim) at the International Motivational Film Festival at Rostov-on-Don, Russia, recently.

It stars Amirul Affendi, Sharifah Amani, Sharifah Sakinah and Joe Flizzow.

Malaysiakini today reported that film director Mohd Khairul Azri Md Noor had apologised to any disabled person who felt slighted by his film.

“I sincerely apologise. I had no intention to hurt anyone, especially the disabled community. Please don’t think that I hate the disabled.

“‘Pekak’ is not to encourage drug use. Instead, it shows what is truly happening but which society is afraid to confront.

“‘Pekak’ is not the only film which features negative elements. They also exist in horror films or gangster films.”

The news portal said an NGO, Hear Me, representing parents of children with hearing difficulties, had claimed the film was inappropriate to be screened because it shows immoral activities like violence, theft, free mingling between sexes, drug abuse and cigarette smoking by minors.

The film tells the story of a deaf man who sells drugs to raise funds for a cochlea implant.

The film has been banned in Brunei for its allegedly overt immoral scenes.

The film director said “Pekak” is also taking part in two more international film festivals in Asia and Europe.

He is now busy with a horror film.