Penampang MP to go on anti-gerrymandering signature drive


KOTA KINABALU: Penampang MP Darell Leiking has disclosed that his Parliamentary Office will conduct a signature drive to obtain objections within stipulated rules and will lead an awareness campaign on gerrymandering by the Election Commission (EC).

“We shall endure and fight this regime,” added the MP in a statement. “The BN’s time as government can only be ensured by gerrymandering in their favour by realigning the voting pattern.”

He pledged to press for change for the people of Penampang and Sabah. “We shall never back down. We shall go on demanding what Sabah has been deprived of all these years.”

He was referring to the Malaysia Agreement 1963 (MA63).

Darell hastened to add that he had always given the benefit of the doubt to the EC in the hope that it included at least some people with a conscience.

However, he lamented, all that had now been negated by the EC.

In its “eagerness to please the BN”, he charged, the EC had proposed to move 3641 voters from the Lido Voting Area/Station in the Penampang parliamentary seat/Kepayan state seat to the Kota Kinabalu parliamentary seat/Luyang state seat.

Apparently, Darell’s Parliamentary Office discovered this on Thursday.

“I was told that several other areas had similar exercises,” said Darrell. “Many people had long suspected the EC was not impartial.”

The Kepayan state seat, under Penampang, was among the seats won by the Opposition with a thumping majority of over 8,000 votes. Darell won Penampang with a majority of 10,216 votes.