Pua claims EC conducting single-biggest gerrymandering exercise

tony puaKUALA LUMPUR: Petaling Jaya Utara MP Tony Pua called on voters in Damansara, and elsewhere, to protest “vehemently” at the “proposed election rigging exercise” by the Election Commission (EC). “It will deny them the equal rights in the Federal Constitution,” he warned in a statement.

Effectively, charged Pua, a vote in the redelineated Damanasara was not worth even a quarter in gerrymandered seats. “It’s designed to give the advantage to Barisan Nasional (BN),” added Pua who is also DAP National Publicity Secretary.

The MP claimed the EC has virtually confirmed that it was conducting the single-biggest gerrymandering exercise in Malaysia. “It’s about stealing victory in the next General Election for BN,” reiterated Pua.

He was referring to the EC officially publishing its proposed redelineation of electoral boundaries on Thursday.

He cited Damansara as a case in point.

Petaling Jaya Utara, renamed Damansara, will become the single largest constituency with 150,439 voters, an increase of 76.2 per cent from 85,401 in 2013.

Damansara will displace Kapar as the single largest constituency, he noted. “The latter’s voters will be reduced from 144,159 to 100,456, a reduction of 30.3 per cent.”

He reckons the reasons in the two seats was to add to the majority where BN was unlikely to win. At the same time, the EC has reduced the majorities in seats which BN may be able to re-capture.

Pua went into intricate details on the “gerrymandering exercise”.

The absurdity of creating a monster Damansara seat, with more than 150,000 voters, was even more outrageous when compared with other seats, he lamented.

Putrajaya remains the smallest constituency in the country with only 17,627 voters (11.7 per cent of Damansara).

Perak remains the state with the highest number of low voter seats with Lenggong at 28,078 (18.7 per cent of Damansara), Padang Rengas at 28,727 (19.1 per cent), Kuala Kangsar at 33,113 (22 per cent), Parit at 33,638 (22.4 per cent) and Gerik at 33,832 (22.5 per cent).

Even within Selangor, which has 2.08 million voters and 22 parliamentary seats, the disparity was “unjustifiably” huge, continued Pua.

Sabak Bernam has only 37,126 voters (24.7 per cent of Damansara).

The discrepancy in the number of voters for constituencies within Selangor was “repugnant”, he summed up. “The average number of voters per seat should be approximately 94,500.”