Ban on sale of weapons-like items at PD army museum

armyPETALING JAYA: The army has banned the sale of collectibles shaped like firearms or grenades at its army museum in Port Dickson.

This follows the discovery that a Syrian tourist and his family had been detained by police for possession of a hand grenade-shaped cigarette lighter.

The tourist had bought the item at the army museum during a visit there a few days ago.

NST Online quoted an army spokesperson as saying an inspection of the museum premises showed the lighter and other military paraphernalia replica items, including “guns”, were sold by external parties in the museum’s compound.

“The army museum was not involved in the sale of such items, which clearly violates the laws of the country.

“However, we have discovered that several sellers are hawking souvenir items with military designs in the parking area of the museum, and we will make sure that the activities will be stopped immediately,” she said.

Earlier, Inspector-General of Police Khalid Abu Bakar confirmed that the Special Task Force on Organised Crime had picked up five tourists from a family staying at a hotel in Cameron Highlands and seized a lighter, which was a replica of a hand grenade.

The family had earlier visited Port Dickson. A hotel employee at their hotel had spotted a “grenade” inside the tourist’s bag while cleaning the hotel room.

The tourist had quickly grabbed the bag without any explanation and left the place.

Police then launched a hunt for the tourists to rule out any Islamic State militant connections.