PAS spiritual leader Haron Din dies


PETALING JAYA: PAS spiritual leader Dr Haron Din died this morning at the Stanford University hospital in the United States.

The 76-year-old leaves behind a wife and five children.

PAS Information chief Nasruddin Hassan Tantawi, in a text message, confirmed Haron’s passing, saying that Haron had “returned to his Maker” about 10.10am (local time).

Further details would come from the deceased’s family, he said.

Earlier this morning, it was reported that Haron had slipped into a coma following complications for a heart treatment he had undergone at the hospital.

His family was called to the hospital, where Haron was comatose in the Intensive Care Unit, and they were told it was about time he was taken off life support.

His son Hamdi Haron had reportedly told PAS messaging groups that doctors had said there was no hope as Haron was bleeding badly and on life support.

“We are only awaiting the time to switch off the machine and allow Baba to meet Rabbul Alamin (God) peacefully,” the message reportedly read.

Haron was undergoing heart treatment at the hospital.

He had previously undergone treatment at the National Heart Institute for heart complications.

Haron, 76, who holds a Masters’ degree and a doctorate in Shariah from Ain Shams University in Egypt, was appointed the Islamist party’s spiritual leader in March last year to replace the late Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat.

He has written several books on Islam and Islamic jurisprudence, including hudud, and sits on various Shariah and Fatwa panels at CIMB, Bank Negara, Securities Commission and the Perlis Fatwa Advisory Panel.