Croc attack: Fisherman feared eaten by man-eater

crocodileKOTA SAMARAHAN: A man, reported missing while inspecting his fishing net at a river bank in Kampung Pinang here last night, may have been eaten by a crocodile.

The Kota Samarahan Fire and Rescue Department arrived at this conclusion after a search and rescue (SAR) operation today found what appeared to be signs of a struggle at the spot where Ismandi Osman, 38, was checking his fishing net.

The department’s acting chief, Ahmad Shah Saad said based on information obtained from villagers, the river was teeming with the man-eaters.

“During the operation over a radius of two to three kilometres from the location where the victim was reported missing, the SAR teams stumbled on more than 10 crocodiles in the river.

“In fact, the department’s boat twice collided with crocodiles as the SAR operation involving firemen, Civil Defence Department personnel, police and villagers in eight boats scoured the river,” he told Bernama following the SAR operation.

This is the second crocodile attack in six days.

On Monday, Sylvester Kilat Lee, 19, fell from the Kampung Baru Bridge about seven kilometres from Kampung Pinang.

The victim’s half-eaten lower body was found two days later, about two kilometres from the site where Ismandi was reported missing.

Yesterday, Ismandi went to the river alone about 10am, but did not return by 8pm, prompting his mother to lodge a police report.

The victim’s family informed the village head and an SAR operation was mounted by the villagers.

Villagers found Ismandi’s boat about a kilometre from the location he had set his net, in which were his machete, water bottle and cigarettes.

The boat engine was in working condition.