Guan Eng: DAP regrets Jeff’s insensitive remark

Lim Guan EngPETALING JAYA: The DAP stepped in today to quash a growing dispute over a remark by Jelutong MP Jeff Ooi over the death of PAS spiritual adviser Haron Din.

Party secretary-general Lim Guan Eng said in a statement this evening: “DAP regrets the insensitive statement from Jelutong parliamentarian Jeff Ooi with regard to Haron’s passing yesterday. I would like to announce that the re-tweet has been deleted.

“I would also like to express regret if any of Haron’s family members felt slighted over Ooi’s re-tweet which does not represent the party’s stand.”

Lim also expressed DAP’s condolences and sympathy for the loss suffered by Haron’s friends and family. Haron died of heart complications while being treated in a San Francisco hospital on Thursday. He was buried in Livermore, California, on Friday.

“While we may have our political differences, DAP is confident that the late Haron has contributed (much) to Islam. Once again I express my condolences to Haron’s family on behalf of the DAP’s extended family and hope that his soul will find a place amongst the pious,” Lim said.

Ooi had said: “Adios Harun Din. May there be peace” when sharing a tweet by someone else. His remark came under fire for being offensive.

Malaysiakini said Ooi had defended himself by saying that what he wrote was not meant as an insult, and asking all to refer to dictionaries if they did not know what ‘adios’ meant.

Among those who criticised Ooi was Ti Lian Ker of MCA, head of the party’s religious bureau. He hoped the entire Chinese community would not be blamed for Ooi’s remark. “This is not the work of the Chinese community. Ooi and his party DAP do not represent the Chinese community,” he said.

He urged Ooi “to put aside his ego and apologise to ustaz Haron’s family”. He said even if Ooi considered Haron a political rival, he did not have licence to insult the dead.

PAS Youth also filed a police report urging that Ooi’s remark be investigated.


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