Jeff Ooi must answer, says activist Tariq


PETALING JAYA: DAP’s Jelutong MP Jeff Ooi, under fire for a comment about the death of PAS spiritual leader Haron Din, must answer if he made any insensitive remarks, says social activist Tariq Ismail.

Ooi angered PAS members and others when he reportedly said “”Adios Harun Din. Let there be peace” in a Twitter posting. The tweet is believed to have been since deleted.

In a posting on Facebook today, Tariq urged the public against “adding fuel to the fire” until Ooi had made a formal statement.

He said many people had given vent to anger out of frustration with the current political climate. “We need to all grow up and move from anger. No successful nation is/was made from anger,” he said.

He noted that Haron Din was respected by many. “We should fondly remember his good deeds and learn from his mistakes,” said Tariq, a grandson of Tun Dr Ismail Abdul Rahman who was deputy prime minister in the 1970s. He recently joined the new Parti Pribumi Bumiputera Malaysia.

Tariq expressed regret that “certain members of the public have capitalised on a person’s death to spread hatred” and said hate politics should be denounced, from either side.

If Jeff Ooi did utter insensitive remarks regarding the passing of Haron Din, he must answer for it, Tariq said. He said that as Ooi was a public figure, any comment, even in jest or sarcasm, would face public scrutiny.

He noted that prominent DAP members had made several “PR faux pas” in recent times, allowing their “ever-vigilant” enemies to pounce on the party at any given chance.