Reunion concert by 60s band The Strollers


KUALA LUMPUR: After a hiatus of more than 40 years, the 1960s band The Strollers will perform in The Return Of The Legends Concert at Istana Budaya today.

Established in 1965, The Strollers will perform with other two legendary groups, namely Blues Gang and Lord & The Boys.

The group’s drummer and singer Hussein Idris said the concert will give members the opportunity to get together and share their experiences with their fans.

“We never had a reunion (concert). So, when given this opportunity, we feel great. We can share our experience with all our fans who have been waiting for this,” he told Bernama during a full dress rehearsal of the concert yesterday.

Hussein said they will perform a total of 10 songs including hits such as Do What You Gotta Do, Just As I Am, Silly Joke and Mid Day Sun.

“Silly Joke was composed by our late member, Nand Kumar. So we are going to sing this song as a tribute to him.”