Sabah’s petrol, diesel snapped-up by transborder criminals

ESSComKUDAT: Malaysian police investigations have revealed that transborder criminals in southern Philippines are the main buyers of petrol and diesel smuggled from Sabah.

The Eastern Sabah Security Command (ESSCom) said they believed the criminals bought fuel from smugglers for use in their kidnapping and robbery activities in the waters off Sabah, particularly in the east coast area.

Its deputy chief of staff (Intelligence), ACP Hashim Justin said the ‘proceeds’ from their criminal activities committed in the Philippine and Indonesian waters were used to fund their operations.

“That is why ESSCom and all security forces in the Eastern Sabah Security Zone (ESSZone) frequently conduct preventive operations, including ‘Ops Gasak’ at locations that have become the centre for the smugglers, to wipe out their network.

“This is to ensure our petrol and diesel do not get into the hands of transborder criminals and at the same time, make it difficult for them to plan kidnapping and robbery activities in our waters,” he said after delivering a talk on security at the Kudat Neighbourhood Centre here yesterday.

Hashim also urged the public to report suspicious individuals who may be involved in smuggling activities in their areas to the nearest security forces or to ESSCom Operations Centre (PUSOP) at 089-863181.