Search for Brazilian missing after yacht capsize


PETALING JAYA: A search is continuing in the waters off Penang for a Brazilian businessman missing after a luxury motor yacht caught fire and capsized on Friday.

The man, Lucas Bondezan, 24, was reported missing after an explosion and fire on board the 30-metre yacht UN1K about 15 nautical miles off Muka Head while it was sailing from Langkawi to Singapore.

Three crewmembers have been rescued by fishermen. They were Novak Novakovic, 28, a Serb; Rudolf Kolic, 61, a Croat; and Jaroslav Horejsek, 37, a Czech.

Maritime agency First Admiral Tan Kok Kwee said the search resumed in heavy rain this morning with a helicopter and two patrol boats, the Tugau and Kimanis.

A marine police boat is also helping in the search while the yacht owner chartered a helicopter to the scene. The search covers a 10-mile radius from the yacht’s last location.

According to Star Online, the yacht owner is believed to be a French national, Vu Anh-Quan, 53, also known as Pascal Vu Anh Quan Saken, who is said to be the owner of a yacht rental business at a Shanghai yacht club, and shipyards in Argentina and Phuket.

The missing man, Bondezan, was said to be involved with Vu in a boat-rebuilding business in Phuket while Bondezan and Horejsek were involved in manufacture of yacht accessories

Vu was reportedly seen in Alor Setar after UN1K sank but would not talk to the press, or allow the press to talk to the injured crewmen.