Under fire, Jeff says offensive statement was ‘Photoshopped’


PETALING JAYA: Jelutong MP Jeff Ooi has claimed that offensive Twitter comments in his name, about the late PAS spiritual leader Haron Din, had been ‘Photoshopped.’

“I do not see any issues regarding the statement. Take a look at my Twitter and Facebook. Anything other than these two sites are Photoshop work created by others,” he told FMT today. “I only upload statuses through my official Facebook page.”

Yesterday, the remark “Adios Harun Din. Let there be peace” was seen as a posting on Ooi’s Twitter account. Later, a new post was made, “Received a personal call awhile ago. So … Farewell. Let there be peace.”

Meanwhile, MCA spokesman Ti Lian Ker told FMT today that Ooi, as an elected representative, should “set his ego aside and apologise.”

Ti said: “Truth of the matter, while Ooi can deny he insulted Haron, many people saw it as such. Thus it is better for him to apologise.”

He said even if Ooi considered Haron to be a political rival, that was not license to insult the dead “more so when Haron was a former comrade in arms” (when PAS and DAP were partners in Pakatan Rakyat).

Ti, who is head of the MCA’s religious harmony bureau, hoped that Malaysians would not judge the Chinese  community based on the actions of a few. He said he had already noticed several insults aimed at the  community. “This should not happen,” he said.

When Ooi’s purported Twitter posting was reported, PAS Youth information chief Ahmad Fadhli Shaari urged the MP to apologise to Haron’s family members and to retract his comment.

He said it was not the first time Ooi had issued a rude statement. Ooi had used the term “diseased cats” on Penang City Council staff in 2013, for which he was reprimanded by then party chairman, the late Karpal Singh, at the DAP’s Penang Convention that year.

Haron Din, who was 77, died of heart complications on Thursday while being treated at Stanford University hospital in San Francisco. He was buried on Friday.