Volunteers wanted as motorcycle paramedics

Kuan Chee HengPETALING JAYA: Volunteers with medical skills and who can ride a motorcycle are being sought to set up a motorcycle paramedic service to provide a first response in emergencies.

The service is being planned by the Community Policing Malaysia Association.

Its president, Kuan Chee Heng, told FMT today: “We still haven’t found anyone who can help. We require volunteers who are not only able to ride a motorcycle but also have the medical expertise to provide help to accident victims.”

Kuan said the motorcycles could be easily acquired but finding volunteers was a different story.

In May, he had announced plans for a motorcycle paramedic service based in Puchong with riders trained to provide first-aid treatment.

The initiative was meant to provide a first response team where ambulances would take longer to arrive at emergencies due to the congested area.

Azlan Sani Zawawi (“Lando”) of the motorcycle group Ikatan Silaturrahim Brotherhood commended the initiative.

“We believe it is very important especially in areas where there is heavy traffic congestion as every second could mean life or death. Our ambulance response times have improved a lot compared to the past but it will still be better if they can provide this motorcycle paramedic service.”

However, having previously been a volunteer for the Malaysian Red Crescent Society, he said he knew the importance of volunteers to have the necessary medical expertise.

“What’s the point of arriving at an emergency if you don’t know what to do? Not everyone who owns a bike can be a qualified volunteer.”

“In 1994, I tried helping a heart attack victim and the guy died. His family wanted to know how it happened. Luckily as a certified VAD 69 (Gombak) MRCS member I was able to answer their questions.”

He suggested that the government, private companies, specialized and certified NGOs such as the Red Crescent seriously consider the initiative.

A doctor with UiTM medical centre, Dr. Ozair Ali, said that everyone should be taught to provide first-aid treatment as a civic responsibility.

Motorcycle ambulances are found in several countries such as Australia, Brazil, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Britain and the United States.