Why is Ali Tinju still free, says DAP’s Teo


PETALING JAYA: The police force was criticised today for inaction over Ali Tinju’s implied threat of violence against Bersih leader Maria Chin.

Why is Ali Tinju not arrested till today, asked DAP assistant public secretary Teo Nie Ching in a press statement.

“His words (‘tidak akan berjalan di atas bumi’) are tantamount to a death threat,” Teo said, adding that Ali Tinju seemed aware that his intended action was a crime, as he had said he did not mind spending even 10 years in prison.

Ali Tinju, a former soldier whose name is Mohd Ali Baharom, made the remark on Wednesday after Chin confirmed that a Bersih 5 street rally would take place on Nov 19. Ali Tinju is head of the pro-Umno Gerakan Merah movement.

Teo said that Maria Chin, as a Malaysian, deserves all the protection of the laws to live free of fear, violence and abuse.

Teo contrasted the police inaction with actions taken quickly against a university undergraduate, a pregnant woman, and an elderly man for comments about Prime Minister Najib Razak and his wife Rosmah Mansor.

In 2012 a 24-year old university undergraduate was immediately detained for questioning after purportedly making a threat to bomb Najib Razak’s helicopter. In July, an elderly man was arrested for sharing a photograph deemed to be insulting to Najib. Last month, 14 police and MCMC officers raided the house of a pregnant woman for making remarks about Rosmah.

She said police inaction was inexcusable and the silence was equal to encouraging “thugs like Ali Tinju” to take the law into their hands.