Kit Siang: Break up 13 super-size seats


PETALING JAYA: Lim Kit Siang has called for the break-up of 13 “super” constituencies which are being created in the proposed redelineations of electoral constituencies by the Election Commission.

He described the redelineation as “the worst gerrymandering in all five redelineation exercises” in Malaysian history.

In a statement today, he pointed out that the parliamentary quota in the Peninsula – the average number of voters per parliamentary constituency – was 68,814.

However, there were 13 “super” Parliamentary seats with more than 100,000 voters which should be redrawn.

The 13 super-size seats are: Damansara 150,439; Bangi 146,168; Klang 141,275; Petaling Jaya 129,363; Subang 128,330; Gelang Patah 112,081; Kota Raja 121,126; Pasir Gudang 108,156; Kota Melaka 105,067; Kuala Terengganu 101,875; Sungai Petani 101,829; Tumpat 101,318; and Kapar 100,456.

Lim, who is MP for Gelang Patah, said the Election Commission owed Malaysians an explanation on why the present redelineation was “even more unfair and undemocratic” by disregarding the principle of one man, one vote, one value.

He said Damansara in Selangor (renamed from Petaling Jaya Utara, for which the MP is the DAP’s Tony Pua) had become the largest constituency whose electorate of 150,439 was double the parliamentary quota of 68,814.