Liow slams racial domination in election seat changes


PETALING JAYA: Proposed changes to electoral constituencies may lead to an unhealthy racial domination of some seats, according to MCA president Liow Tiong Lai.

Some Malay-majority areas would have more Malays and Chinese-majority constituencies more Chinese. “This is not healthy for a multi-racial society, it will push the country towards becoming a theocratic state,” he was quoted as saying.

Liow said that a healthy constituency must have a diverse racial composition. MCA leaders would meet on Tuesday to review proposals by the Election Commission to rename and redelineate parliamentary and state assembly constituencies across the country.

Liow’s deputy, Wee Ka Siong, said the party had instructed all its 85 divisions to report on the effects of the redelineations.

Wee heads the MCA election steering committee preparing for the next general election.

The Gerakan party has also expressed reservations about the redelineations because of the priority given to racial dominance instead of a balanced inter-racial mix.

“Peninsular Malaysia will now have a situation in which ethnic Malays dominate the ruling party, and minorities, including the Chinese, have almost completely gone to the opposition.

“It’s not a recipe for inter-ethnic harmony,” said Andy Yong, deputy head of Gerakan Youth.

At the 2008 and 2013 general elections, the Chinese-dominated MCA and Gerakan had fared badly, losing to DAP and PKR candidates.

The proposed changes to state and parliamentary constituencies in the Peninsula and Sabah will be on public display until Oct 14.

Objections may be raised by state governments, local authorities and voters in a groups of a minimum of 100 each.