MCA chief urges Jeff Ooi to apologise


KUALA LUMPUR: MCA president Liow Tiong Lai today urged the DAP’s Jeff Ooi to apologise to the family of the late Dr Haron Din for making “insensitive remarks” on the PAS spiritual leader’s death.

Liow said a religious leader’s death should not be made a “polemic” despite political differences.

“We feel upset about this because they were insensitive about us losing a national figure. Although we disagree politically, we do not have to politicise the matter.

“We are saddened that this happened and the individual must apologise to the family,” Liow told reporters at Wisma MCA today.

Jeff Ooi, who is MP for Jelutong, was reported to have remarked “Adios Harun Din. May there be peace” when sharing a posting by someone else. He was reported to have later changed it to “Received a personal call awhile ago. So … Farewell. Let there be peace.”

His posting on Twitter sparked outrage and criticism for being offensive and sensitive.

Yesterday, the DAP expressed regret for Ooi’s insensitive remark.

Liow said every member of Malaysian society should always be sensitive and should try to understand the various cultures. “For example, we know that in Islam, the dead do not take long to be buried while in Chinese culture, they would wait a few days.”

“So we should understand that culture is important and we need to respect people of different races in our country. Everyone must be sensitive towards the views of others,” said Liow.

Yesterday, Ooi said he had merely wished Haron farewell and had no intention of belittling him or his family.