Put your palms together for longest Malaysian flag


JOHOR BARU: About 100,000 members of the public and school children joined hands in creating the longest Malaysian flag using the palms of their hands throughout the National Day and Malaysia Day celebrations recently.

The feat, creating a Jalur Gemilang of about 1.3 kilometres long, was entered into the Malaysia Book of Records, whose representative presented the award to Muhamad Athir Adib Zulfakor, programme director of Kembara Amal Anak Merdeka 2016 (Patriot 16).

The effort was part of Patriot 16 programmes to instil patriotism among society especially undergraduates, in conjunction with the two celebrations.

Patriot 16 participants comprise 180 UTM student volunteers and superbikers from Gagasan Anak Malaysia Bikers; the National Civics Bureau; and the Superbike Association of Malaysia, who also took part in a convoy touring several main cities in the country, covering 2,000 kilometres.

The convoy also met with army veterans along the way and helped repair their houses with assistance from 1M4U volunteers.