MCA not amused by Nazri’s ‘close ties’ to DAP

MCA-chairman-Lim-Chin-FuiPETALING JAYA: Negeri Sembilan MCA is not amused by Tourism and Culture Minister Nazri Aziz getting chummy with DAP leader Anthony Loke.

The Star quoted state MCA chairman Lim Chin Fui as saying it was improper for Nazri, as an Umno supreme council member, to have such close ties with their political rivals.

His comments were made following pictures circulating on social media of Nazri giving Loke a bear-hug. Nazri also recently admitted to being on good terms with DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng.

The shot of Nazri hugging Loke was apparently taken when the former was at Titi on Saturday, at one of his stops during his visit to Jelebu.

“It looks like he (Nazri) has forgotten his identity,” Chin Fui reportedly posted on Facebook, Sunday.

Chin Fui said Nazri should work for the people and help develop potential tourist spots.

He warned that Opposition leaders could be very “cunning” and “will claim credit for work done by the BN government.”

This is not the first time MCA has questioned Nazri’s ties with the Opposition.

MCA Central Committee member Ti Lian Ker’s had also done the same during his spat with Nazri over Umno’s scare tactics.

Ti had then noted that the minister had kinder words for DAP and wondered if Nazri was courting DAP.

This led to Nazri admitting that he had closer ties to DAP than MCA as DAP had the support of the Chinese community, unlike the Chinese-based party.