Nazri denies redelineation exercise benefits BN


JELEBU: Umno Minister Nazri Aziz has rubbished the Opposition’s claims of sabotage in the Election Commission’s (EC) nationwide redelineation exercise, saying they have a tendency to complain about absolutely everything.

He said the basis of the exercise was not to give Barisan Nasional (BN) an upper hand in the next general election as alleged by the Opposition but to ensure that parliamentarians from both sides of the political divide were better able to serve their constituents.

“Our electoral system is not meant only to represent the constituents in Parliament, but to also have parliamentarians working for the rakyat.

“That’s why we see while some areas may be huge in terms of size, it may only have 30,000 registered voters.

“That is only because we want to ensure MPs can serve their constituents well on a daily basis,” he said in an interview with FMT here.

Explaining further, the Tourism and Culture Minister said city centres that were usually with higher density in terms of population, may have up to 100,000 voters but servicing the constituents required less effort as the distance from one place to another was shorter.

“Our parliamentary constituencies are split in accordance to the ability of the individual MPs to provide personal services.

“In the city, an MP who visits one apartment (development) may get to meet 3,000, 4,000 constituents. But in rural areas, the MPs when going to one village may only get to see 100, 200 villagers.

“Then they have to travel say, maybe 15 to 20 minutes to meet the second group.”

The EC last Thursday announced the commencement of a nationwide redelineation exercise.

The Opposition however have reacted strongly against the exercise, accusing the EC of trying to benefit BN instead.

“Actually there is no advantage (for BN). Today we see voters voting for us if they like us. If we want to cheat, the people will know and the Opposition would not have won (a high number of constituencies in past general elections),” said Nazri.

He also brushed aside the Opposition’s allegations, saying they had a tendency to complain about absolutely everything.

“They are weak, not rugged. They really like to complain.”