Nazir says Johor Sultan is right about education


KUALA LUMPUR: Banker Nazir Razak agrees with Johor Ruler Sultan Ibrahim Sultan Iskandar that a single-stream education system is good for national unity.

In an Instagram post today, the CIMB chairman says: “Agree with Tuanku. This is a critical but highly sensitive issue that needs to be considered.”

At a meeting with leaders of Chinese associations yesterday afternoon, Sultan Ibrahim had once again raised the importance of a single-stream education system in the country.

Saying that education is about both developing quality talent and uniting communities, the brother of Prime Minister Najib Razak added:

“But I think it has to be discussed together with other critical issues like needs based affirmative action vs NEP, Islamic state vs our secular constitution, rebuilding trust in our institutions, imbuing moderation in politics & society and so on.”

He goes on to say the time has come for a National Consultative Council 2 to reset the nation’s long term course based on the needs and aspirations of today’s generation of Malaysians, which, he notes, “is so vastly different to the needs and aspirations” of the first national consultative council generation of 1970.

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According to a report in Malaysiakini, the Johor Ruler had said at the meeting with Chinese associations that racial unity in the country had not been fully realised and that he believed this was due to schools being separated according to race.

The news portal said the Sultan cited a Malay proverb “melentur buluh biarlah dari rebung” to illustrate that values should be cultivated at a young age to produce a united new generation for the future.

“They cannot be separated according to race or religion. This basic education is very important to inculcate values and cultures in a multiracial society,” he was quoted as saying.

The Sultan, had, at the opening of the Johor State Legislative Assembly sitting in May last year, pointed out how Singapore’s education system had succeeded in fostering unity.

Last month, he advocated a single-stream education system, using English as the medium of instruction.