Woman: My privacy violated by ‘ghost’ documentary


KUCHING: A woman has lodged a report with the police after finding out that filmmakers had trespassed into a family home in Sungai Teku, Sibu, to film an episode on haunted houses.

Ling Hey Eng said she was shocked to be the subject of a haunted house documentary on YouTube.

The video showed strangers praying with joss sticks to images of her and her family members.

“How do you think I felt? I am still alive, and people are praying to my image,” Ling told reporters today.

Taoism includes the practice of honoring ancestors by praying to images of the deceased.

“They burnt joss sticks in front of my wedding photo, as if I was dead.”

Ling said three YouTube videos, uploaded by the Kuala Lumpur-based company, had hired actors to portray family members who prayed to graven images in order to appease the “resident ghost”.

Another actor, hired to play an individual “possessed” by Ling’s “spirit”, is seen shaking uncontrollably.

The videos were uploaded on Aug 26 and were the subject of a feature by a local Chinese daily, published on Aug 31.

Ling said family members then alerted her to the existence of the videos.

Ling said the family home was not currently occupied, but looked after by family members from time to time.

Ling said she did not know the identity of any of the video crew, nor when the segment was filmed at the house.

No permission was obtained from any of her family members, she said.

Ling’s legal representative, Sarawak DAP Chairman Chong Chieng Jen, said a letter of notice was sent to the company demanding that the videos be pulled off the Internet and that a public apology be issued.

Chong also said a formal complaint was lodged with the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC).

“Of course, the house is not haunted. But the more important issue here is that the law was broken , and we want this to be addressed.

“No permission was acquired by the filming crew before they went into the house to film their segment.

“Apparently, these people go around the country, supposedly trying to film ghosts.

“The video published was an entirely made up story. Completely fictional.

“This shows that it is possible that all the other videos (by the company) are also entirely made up,” he alleged.