Activist blames Anwar for ‘bringing in Wahhabism kind of Islam’


PETALING JAYA: Anwar Ibrahim is responsible for bringing Islamisation into Malaysia. This was the opinion of controversial lawyer-cum-activist Siti Kasim.

Speaking to Malay Mail Online, Siti blamed jailed Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim for bringing Islamisation into Malaysia and said she was “the happiest person” when Anwar was “caught”.

“I’m not joking because I think Malaysia was safe at that time. But then, unfortunately, of course, the people had already been brainwashed by then.

“He already set in place this brainwashing in school.

“I blame it on him; he’s the one who brought in Islamisation to Malaysia. It’s nothing wrong to bring in good things, but he’s bringing in Wahhabism kind of Islam.

“Why would you want to bring the Wahhabism interpretation of Islam?

“They mix the Arab culture into Islam,” Siti had said in the article titled “10 things about: Siti Kasim, lawyer and activist”.

Siti, the mother of a 26-year-old daughter, also spoke about her “flipping the bird” incident at a recent forum on the Shariah Courts (Criminal Jurisdiction) Act 1965 (Act 355).

“I have a loud voice, I don’t yell. But during that forum, I had to raise my voice because they were heckling so loud.

“What gives me the courage? I don’t know, I don’t think it’s because of courage or being brave.

“I wasn’t mad. To be honest, I wasn’t even angry or anything. I just find that they’re stupid, you know. So I want to show their stupidity.

“I am a human being. If I say that I don’t get hurt, I’m lying. Of course I get hurt, but luckily I’m the type — so what. My friends support me … all the good comments actually compensate for the bad ones.”

Siti also lamented the idea of Muslims in Malaysia being taught what she claims as the wrong ideas or interpretations of Islam, reminding the public that she is speaking up for them, too.

Siti, 53, who has been sporting blonde hair since her 20s, came under the spotlight recently for championing Orang Asli rights as well as fighting for the indigenous community.

After the forum incident, Siti maintained her stance and says that she does not regret showing the middle finger.

“I don’t regret it one bit. To me, those Islamist hooligans deserve the finger and more.

“Crass? Rude? Since when a woman cannot be crass and rude in the face of hooligans and brainwashed morons?”