Ku Nan: Shafie’s new party no threat to Umno in Sabah

tengku-adnan-shafiePASIR SALAK: Former Umno vice-president Shafie Apdal’s move to lead a new party by taking over an existing Sabah political party is not a threat to Umno and Barisan Nasional (BN), Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor said today.

The BN Secretary-General said such a situation in which a former leader forms a new party was not alien to BN and Umno.

“I believe as long as we (Umno and BN) stay united and are loyal to the Umno President and BN Chairman (Najib Razak), we won’t have to worry.

“I bid him best of luck,” he told reporters after opening the Pasir Salak Umno delegates meeting, here, today.

Earlier, in his speech, Tengku Adnan said Umno, which was established in 1949, was a party with structure, set up to achieve independence and since then had faced various challenges and obstacles due to the differences in opinion among members.

“It has not only been once that we were betrayed, and not only once that a leader defected and formed a new party. It has happened many times. We even have to shoulder the problems left by previous leaders,” he said.

Thus, he urged all members to maintain the BN spirit which was the backbone of the party’s strength.

“For instance, when Umno was weak during the 1999 General Election, Chinese and Indian votes became the saviour. That is why we need to retain the BN spirit,” he added.